Our Mission

DisciplesNet Church exists to share God's love with people who are not able to be part of a physical, brick-and-mortar church.

We are also here for anyone else who would like to drop in at this friendly place along the Internet highway and spend a while, sharing--and adding to, if you'd like--the gifts of ministry that are beginning to collect here.  We are a global church with a splendid assortment of gifts, backgrounds and abilities.   We invite all to come to share in God's love and grace.

No one deserves to be forgotten by the church.

At DisciplesNet we are always looking for ways to connect with people who have been invisible, ignored, or wounded by the church in the past. Our founders came together,  believing that NO ONE deserves to be forgotten by the church.  In times past, people have not been able to be part of a church if they had disabilities, illness, injuries, advancing age, work schedules, travel, and more, keeping them from being part of a traditional church.  DisciplesNet is making use of the internet highway to change this, to connect with people wanting to have that connection and to belong.

We consider that people come to each worship from around the world, and from so many different situations--some glad, some in deep sadness.  Whatever the need, we keep experimenting with ways to help people who worship with us feel God's presence in that worship, and that they are a part, because you are!

Our Vision

Our VISION is to be a living network, crossing barriers and boundaries to connect the world with the Good News of God’s redeeming love, revealed in Jesus Christ.  (To us, this living network is the church, so when we say, “Net” we mean church. Net = Church  So…you may see us just say, “DisciplesNet” because “DiscipleNetChurch” seems repetitive.)

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