I very much enjoyed the benefit concert tonight at Allisonville Christian Church tonight. Thank you for doing the live stream. It was great to see my friends worship there from my little neck of the woods in Montana. Great job, Dean and the Praise and Worship Band.


Thank you for sharing this video and this service with us. I was especially moved by the communion and sharing the words of institution in many languages. It did make me think about the many people who heard God’s word in their own language on that first special day when Christ’s church was born.


I had the pleasure of being in worship at 35,000 ft (10,500 meters) this morning – great job, worship team. Just as the time for communion arrived, the attendants came by with pretzels and tomato juice. How wonderful, on a Sunday morning surrounded by strangers, to sit at table (well, OK, drop-down airplane tray) with my worldwide church family!


When Phoebe Spier is singing it warms my heart. My wife and I have known and loved her for years; her music is worshipful and heartwarming. Dean Phelps music is always a blessing; everyone who participates at DisciplesNet is a blessing to us; we personally know almost everyone and those we have not met in person, we feel like we know you too.


Enjoyed this Worship #94 very much. Appreciated the navigation tools, the photography, the music, and the message. First time at Disciplesnet. I’m so proud of the work you have accomplished.