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  • Cleanse Me, Heal Me, a prayer song

    To view this worship on YouTube, click here.

    We would like to share with you this simple, beautiful, healing prayer response, illustrated with artwork, photo, and video. We’ve included words, hoping that you sing and pray along, physically or in your heart.
    After the song, we’ve included the words for Psalm 51:10-17 (NKJV), “A Psalm of David,” showing the psalm writer’s earnest prayer for repentance. We hope that you will be blessed in joining us, and will share this video with others who may like it. Continue reading →

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  • Set Scripture to “Samuel” for all videos that refer to scriptures from either 1st or 2nd Samuel.
  • Set Body Text to “Lent” to find any video where Lent is mentioned in the description.
  • Type of Special Video can be things like “Easter,” “educational,” or “devotion.”

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