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  • ONE CANDLE IS LIT (“Come surely, Lord Jesus”)

    To watch this worship service on YouTube, click here.

    Our DIsciplesNet team invites you to join in the lighting of the four advent candles and the Christ candle, to the tune of the traditional Cradle Song and words of Mary Anne Parrott, 1988, to "One Candle is Lit." The vocals and accompaniment are from Rev. Dean Phelps, whose music can be found at

    We've included lyrics in case you would like to sing along, and photos from around the world as a backdrop.

    We hope that you will be blessed by sharing this video with others from around the world, and will continue to share it with others.
    If you'd like to contact us, you can find our website at, and email us at

    DisciplesNet Church is a church that exists along the internet highway to share the Good News of God's love for all people of the world. This video is made possible through the gifts of donors who have given of their finances and artistic gifts. If you would like to join in to helping this small non-profit church ministry, we invite you to visit our GIving page at
    Thank you for joining us!

    Merry Christmas

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