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  • DisciplesNet Worship #211, “At the Table with Jesus” (Allen 09.14.2014)

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    Did you know that when Christians gather at the table, breaking bread together as Jesus did with his disciples so many years ago, that we are participating in a type of stewardship, of God’s amazing plan for our work in the world? How can this be? We hope that you will join us today and find out.

    Today we are honored to have as guest preacher Dr. Ronald J. Allen, distinguished New Testament and preaching professor, scholar, and author. Dr. Allen serves on the faculty of Christian Theological Seminary (www.cts.edu) in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, is an ordained minister with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.
    This sermon, from Matthew 26:26-40, is the first of a series of four in the stewardship materials authored by Dr. Allen, From Bread and Wine to Faith and Giving, and available from the Center for Faith and Giving (www.centerforfaithandgiving.org).
    We are grateful to the Center for Faith and Giving for special permission to use these resources online. Continue reading →

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  1. Thanks for this! I love the informal, conversational style of the message. Great music, as always (warmest greetings to Phoebe Spier!). The photos are great, too.

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