And let us consider one another, to provoke unto love and good works.”  Hebrews 10:24

At DisciplesNet we're proud to have a wide variety of people from a wide variety of physical places and an equally wide variety of points of view part of our community and vital participants. In order for this group of people to work together we have these guidelines that help us think about how to be positive, constructive, and caring.

  1. Be kind:
    There's a reason why Jesus stated “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” as the Second Greatest Commandment. Consider how you would like to be treated in a similar situation and then act that way toward others. Consider whether you would say what you are writing directly to a person standing in front of you.
  2. Be respectful:
    We all like to think that we arrived at our current understanding from logic and thought. However, our life experiences tend to push us in certain directions. Other people, with other experiences, may come to very different conclusions. Be as respectful of their thoughts and statements as you would like them to be of yours.
    - Statements that assign certain characteristics to a group of people, especially a race, gender, ethnic group, nationality, or age are always questionable. Do not do this.
    - Take care in commenting about another person's appearance, voice, or writing style (including use of language and/or spelling). These are not accurate ways of judging character.
  3. Be calm:
    If something you read or hear bothers you, take a bit of time away from it. Talk to God about your reactions. Wait, and only respond when you feel you can do so out of love and consideration for the one who said or wrote it. Do your best to resolve conflict, rather that cause and/or extend it. Think and pray before posting.
  4. Be truthful:
    Say and/or write the truth as best you know it. Do not exaggerate or accuse. Avoid sarcasm.
  5. Be generous:
    Assume good faith. Always start with the idea that others are acting with the best interests of our church, our people, and our faith in mind. Do not assume evil in what can just as easily be attributed to inexperience and especially to different understanding.
  6. Be careful:
    Keep private information private. Putting too much information where others can see it can give people with bad intentions what they need for identity theft or worse. Children should never reveal phone numbers or addresses. If information is given in a private group, do not post it publicly without permission.

As much as we try to be positive, these are a few negative things we have to say:

  1. Spam” and “Phishing” will not be tolerated.
    Unrequested advertisements, even with the best intentions, will be removed. Attempts to gather private information from people in our community will also be removed.
  2. Hate and Bullying will not be allowed.
    Comments that are mean-spirited, whether directed at individuals or groups, will be removed.

Persons violating these guidelines will be warned before any additional action is taken. Continued violations can result in being blocked from participation.