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Our fourth Sunday in Advent is wonderfully ushered in by the family of Francisco Ramos and Soriliz Rodriguez, native of Puerto Rico who are in seminary at Christian Theological Seminary. Their four children, middle school age and younger, help in lighting the advent candles, adding the candle of Love to the ones already lit.
We are fortunate today to have our message brought by guest minister, Rev. Dean Phelps, on the ministry team of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana.
Dean's message comes from King David's realization described in 2 Samuel 7, that he should get busy building a fitting house for God instead of having God housed in a tent. What happens next...you will find in listening to the message.
Also on today's worship are Dean Phelps singing, "I Wonder as I Wander," "One Candle is Lit," and Audrey Borschel singing "When God is a Child."

We invite you, if you see fit, to make a special offering this Sunday, to go in the Christmas Offering fund. These gifts go to the regions that equip church ministries, including that of DisciplesNet, for their service to the world.

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