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DisciplesNet Worship # 94, “Working on a Building,” (DisciplesNet Phelps, 07.22.2012)5 Comments

  1. When Phoebe Spier is singing it warms my heart. My wife, Debby, and I have known and loved her for years; her music is worshipful and heartwarming. Dean Phelps music is always a blessing; everyone who participates at DisciplesNet is a blessing to us; we personally know almost everyone and those we have not met in person, we feel like we know you too. I am so thankful that we have DisciplesNet every week, there is not a Disciples Church within 15 miles of us and this helps keep us connected.

  2. Thanks for this! I love the informal, conversational style of the
    message. Great music, as always (warmest greetings to Phoebe Spier!).
    The photos are great, too.

    • Thanks, Bill! Sure is great to enjoy having you worshiping with us. We will pass along your greetings to Phoebe. Shalom

  3. Enjoyed this service very much. Appreciated the navigation tools, the photography, the music, and the message. First time at Disciplesnet. I’m so proud of the work you have accomplished.

    • Thanks so much for joining us Sally! One of our favorite preachers was on here…